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Hi Nick, I’m afraid the aggressive behaviour is fairly common place, indeed, when my wife and I attend courses we normally pick out the parents and professionals who are ‘hands on’ with our children by the gouges and wounds on their hands. Often the aggressive behaviour has its root in the communication problems and effective teaching and home strategies, using TEACCH, PECS etc. can help to reduce the violent outbursts. Whilst it’s not a lot of consolation for your wife, we find our son tends to attack those he loves the most (unfortunately for us, that was his little sister)
You don’t mention which part of the country you are from. If it is Northants we can probably point you in the direction of relevent support services. One thing for sure, if you read the other posts, is that you are not alone in experiencing these issues.
Carol is parent support here at Autism Independent and will help out if possible. You can contact her by phone at the Autism Independent office. I’m sure Jayne won’t mind me mentioning that she is also a wealth of info and help and has answered a large number of posts on here. Best wishes. Dave.