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Hello Ian,

It’s my first time here today and when I read your words I so related to them. My son Lee is now 15 years old and has made great progress over the last 10 years,though he is still very non verbal he understands a lot(simply because he chooses to these days) and is alot more tolerable to change as long as he knows whats happening(symbols or plain pictures)and at times a bribe can work wonders…when he was younger I took him to the park then the shops for his lil sweet,Lee was not keen on the park but he soon realized that after the Park came the shops so he didn’t mind going to the Park after a few months(only,lol)…I have also started the Gluten&Casein free diet and it worked so well,he became more aware and a lot less agitated…it’s well worth trying diffrent thing I think..nobody knows what will happen in the future,but I quiete like the thought that Lee won’t start smoking and drinking or even take drugs..:)which is a big worry to all parents.

Good luck to you all Bea