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Jules what does HE say? My son is about 12 and for many years we have been able to have conversations with him, at his age , about how he feels, how he mixes ,how does he get on with his friends, is he happy, is he coping, how is work etc etc etc. Do you have those kinds of conversations with your son|? Does he bring friends home and if not is there a reason. How does he interact with them? Does he seem unhappy to you? Does he mix and interact well at home and with your friends? Can you have this type of converstaion with your son ? If not is that in itself a problem? You have talked about how your school seem to see him but what do you think ? Is he happy, focussed and contented at home? It could be one of many thngs but you have only talked about how the school see him and that could be a simple problem at school. Is there any reason why you haven’t said how he seems to be to you ? Regards Deborah