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Hi Jules, I think it is very sad that his teachers seem to be viewing his behaviour at school negatively – and that they do not seem to be addressing the fact that he is unhappy and feels he is being bullied. It sounds from what you say as though you feel he has problems in terms of his social skills and in that case maybe a full assessment would be of help to all of you? It is very hard for a child to be trying his best to fit in and yet be blamed when it is not something he is very successful at. Have you read Luke Jacksons book to see if any of that fits how your son beahves/feels. I am not any kind of an expert Jules but if it were my child I would be fighting to get him support that helps him feel valued and worthwhile. All the things you describe could be aspergers, but could they also be a boy who has absolutely no confidence left. Having been bullied myself there is nothing that will make a child more isolated. regards Deborah