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Hi ya, my son is now 12 and only recently diagnosed, his temper has esculated over the last 2 years, to the point where he has tried to stab himself and me. It has got really bad in school too, and now is getting excluded because of this.

When he gets angry i try to stay calm with him, not shout, as that only makes him worse, i have found that i say to him to try and go upstairs to his room so he can calm down,this is sometimes impossible as he will just get more angry. What i try to do is change the conversation and try to ignore the anger. Its so difficult i know. I tend to just give him to space to calm down, reasuring him every 10mins or so that im there if he wants to talk.

if ya wanna chat let me know and i can ring you, i wish i had people to talk to who understand…. thats what we need most..