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My son has AS and I would have said it was mild, but, he is worse than ever he is 11 nearly 12, and his anger outbursts are more frequent and getting worse especially school!!. We can control this anger and frustrations at home quite well at the moment, he is very small and under weight for his age, the smallest of his peers at school. I have found that to allowing him to calm down and reflect helps in a quiet and safe place ( sometimes his bedroom or under atable) or divert with something else an obession of the moment but never ignor!, trying to reason or argue back (not good but we are only human!!) only adds fuel to the fire. But at school it is another matter I worry that he will blow at the wrong person as he has no fear of anyone when he goes, and he may be hurt or hurt someone.

Most anger comes from frustration and stress, we all know this we can only try to manage this for them to a point, but trying to make them understand their feels and frustration is hard , and as we know in the seconds that they lose control, everything that we have tried to programme in them and props that we have given them dont work.

My main problem at the moment is School, and without a statement its very hard and a total minefield and I am starting to understand my sons frustrations, because at the moment I feel impotent and unable to express my views and feeling to these so called teachers and professionals who bamboozel you with jargon which is all crap!!.
This must how our children feel like they are invisable and trying to make people understand. I think when we can understand this and society we may be able to crack into their world. It is not our childrens fault its the society we are bringing them up into. They just dont have the skills yet to control their emotions or understand them.