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Thank you for your reply.I didnt know about kyle absconding and his autism was the same for some others who have autism.His absconding from home have stoped now and when we go shopping in a store,i let him go anywere in the store alone to look at things and i go and find him, when im finished getting things im going to buy.In the past i lost him so many times in shops and i said you can look around any shop we go into but you must not leave the shop unless im leaving too.Its worked for me.Although kyle is yet to be diagnosed,i beleive he has asbergers,From what i have read this is autism with speach & and better IQ.I went to see the head at the special needs school and they have some of their children go to a mainstream but have part of that school for them to be teached with trained teachers.As it is kyle cant write very well and hates having to write.This school can give laptops and i think kyle would do better writting things down using laptop keys,he can spell,do mental maths and his reading is above his age.But his writting is not good.At the moment kids in kyles school keep daring him to do things that are naughty,kyle does not understand that what these kids are asking him to do is bad.Thing is i cant tell him to stop doing what these kids are saying for him to do because kyle will get upset and ask why they are being horrid to him.I kow its hard but i will get him in a proper school to meet his needs.

k smith