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Many thanks for the great advice! You are right about the book – he is getting to enjoy that far too much. He does show signs that he knows he is having a bm as he will start to run to the toilet before the event. Wee, I’m less certain about but if not in a nappy will usually touch his penis before wetting.

I will follow your advice, I realise he is young but don’t want to miss out on any window of opportunity.

I don’t want to hog all your time in answering questions but another query I have is that he is great at pointing at favourite objects in books and insisting ( by smiles and eye contact ) that the adult tells him the word. Is this a sign that PECS is right for him?

Many many thanks – I don’t intend to be a ‘user’ of time. I will contribute as much as I can back once I am better informed.