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Hi Deejane, Well I had an emergency C-section at 34weeks, as I was carrying twins, and twin 2 wasnt growing. Twin 1 (boy), Twin 2 (girl). I had the choice of whether to carry on with the pregnancy, or have c-section there and then. Two consultants of which neither could convince the other to there way of thinking, so was left to me. Both obviously had problems when born, my daughter was little weighing in at 2lb11, and my son they say was not ready to be born weighed 5lb9. All through life my son (they are 9 now) is the one who has had the problems, and has finally after a very long wait been diagnosed with Autism, Tourettes, Sensory Intergration Disorder and Dyspraxia. My daughter other than being very ickle when born has had no problems whatsoever. So was this due to not being ready to come out of the womb???? Who Knows?? Hope this helps!!! By all means send me a questionaire if this will help x clarisa