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have you tried to redirect to sensory play? room temperature apple juice [to emulate wee] and you could make some brown playdough with brown colouring and some wet salt dough.i say this as i am a smearer and have been recommended many things from the social services learning disability team to emulate blood,but its blood i play with and smear,i tried playing with the other stuff as a child and couldnt tolerate the smell or feel.i still have toileting issues as an adult-i dont grasp toileting and cant feel my bladder/bowel which is a common cause of toileting issues in autistics. i get nappies on the NHS,so for some of us we never grasp toileting and have additional issues to.with your son weeing in his sisters room,it could be because he wants to express something he feels/thinks but otherwise doesnt have the vocal capacity to do it,ive lived with a fellow moderate-severely autistic guy who used to wee over my pet chickens and the rug in his bedroom when he wanted attention,but it was less to do with the action and more to do with lacking the ability to express what he wants/feels.