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Hi there. My daughter is 16 now and only now it is when people say they wouldn`t know she had asd. It is hard when they haven`t got severe/non verbal asd as they look and behave nearly normal.My daughter doesn`t cope with routine change ie-new TA, new class teacher, school exams as they are not normal to her. She doesn`t make friends easily although this is better than when she was younger. So if anyone doesn`t see this then they don`t think anything wrong. She has high functioning asd. I went to see a lady with asd a few months ag, she was a guest speaker and her name is Ros Blackburn. If you can find out when she is next speaking and if it is near you, then my advice is go see her, she is fab. I telling you this as you mention that your son could have autism/asbergers. Well this lady speaks a lot about the two different diagnosis`s.