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Hi, I am sorry to hear this. When my son was diagnosed at 2.5 years, my family refused to accept there was anything wrong with him - they have since come around. He is 7 now and I still get funny looks and nasty comments when I take him out. WHat I did was got a few T shirts printed with things like " I have Autism - What's your Problem?" printed on them, and "I know I am beautiful - no need to stare!" My 7 year old licks everything, so when I am out and about with him I give him a dummy, as I d rather him suck this then lick pavements and trolleys. People point and have a go at me giving him a dummy. When I turn around and tell them he has autism and he has it to prevent him licking things, they are generally apologetic. Don't give up explaining to people, don't let them put you off, our children need us to stick up for them, and although it is hard ( it has had me in tears in the past) it becomes easier with time. ALso I had little business cards printed out with details about autism on them, and anyone who stared or commented I gave them a card and said " stare at that instead." The t shirt are really a great step though, when he wears one not many people give him a second look!