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Hi TommieI did the test and got 32, I really related to some of the more 'awkward' questions - they were spot on, which is not a great thing, just made some sense out of some the daily problems I haev with others especially in communicating, people think i am rude or sarcastic and i don't think i am being rude.i am currently going through a really hard time at work because of other peoples' interpretations of my 'communication' and i am finding it really really hard to accept. i do get extremely annoyed with people changing my plans at work and also i do see thriough people so easily that it is hard to sit still and not butt in when they are saying something. this never goes down well and i get told i am aggressive or rude or insensitive - which is horrible. i always feel like a fringe dweller and although i like my own company i am very often lonely. do you have any thing in common with what i described?cheersmalteser