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Hi, and yes this is the correct forum.You are correct that over the last 12 years there has been a policy to close a large number of special schools down and to include the students into mainstream schools.I wrote a paper on this when the government put out the white paper. https://autismuk.com/?page_id=1003 In a nutshell inclusion will for many lead to exclusion. Also over the last nine years a deliberate leaning to not statement children if possible, and if a statement is acquired to not mention the A word, instead to indicate, language delay, rigid, lack of integration etc., basically the observations of behavior be listed separately instead of calling it what it is (autism).If your son is diagnosed as being autistic then a statement should be obtainable. I assume you have a diagnosis from the EPS Educational psychology service or is it from the health authority. If not the school can request this, but best self referral through your County Council- education-special needs dept.- philology dept.The normal stages are to either get your son referred to the EPS for a psychological assessment with a view to diagnosis and a statement of special needs.At the same time go through your GP, asking for your son to be referred to a clinical physiologist for a diagnosis.Some letters that might be helpful are at the end of our fact file on this web site. https://autismuk.com/?page_id=109 Other thing to try:Contact the head of education, outline your concerns and ask for a meeting to discuss. (All correspondence you send or receive, keep a copy, phone calls take notes with name date time etc.)Go to your Mp's clinic, take all correspondence and notes.Contact the local papers, tell your story.Contact a solicitor versed in special needs, under our uk legal on this web site.Go through citizen’s advice.And no you are not alone; hundreds of others across the Country are having similar problems.Hope some of this helps. Good ~Luck