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Hi,Thanks for your detailed feedback. Much appreciated. I also read with great interest the article you gave the link to.I was interesting to read the push to not use labels such as 'Autism', because my son's junior school failed (I say refused) to recognise any problems whilst he was clearly diagnosed with autism from our GP and the psychologist. Only after 6 - 7 years of battling with the system have we finally got a statement process taking shape, but we are having to initiate it ourselves. My sons middle-school is basically doesn't want to get involved, even though they are providing aproximately 22 hours of small-group sessions with my son. My son has received an Ed Psych report clearly showing he is at a level 2 - 3 years below where he should be across all key areas. Sadly even that is not enough, and we can't help getting a sense that the brakes are being applied by the school system. I'm actually cynically wondering if the schools are deliberately trying to delay statementing to the point where they hope he will have made it through to the end of his school years without the need of a statement or 1:1 assistance, which is what my son needs. Certainly over the last 6 years we have been fobbed off with platitudes by the very system that should be there to help.Anyway, I digress. What I wanted to say is that I can't help seeing lots of individual families fighting for change, and using the old adage 'Safety in numbers', I wonder if there a pressure group that are pushing for change for the greater good of everyone involved? To draw analogy, it took a pressure group and high-profile newspaper articles to change the medical professions use of high voltage convulsive electrotherapy to cure mental disorders such as severe depression. Perhaps the abuse of the ASD community is not quite as devestating as that, but I do however predict that in perhaps 20 years time we will be reading in newspapers looking back to today, highlighting stories and proclaiming how on earth society and government policy allowed such treatment of what I call our 'lost children'.Of course I could just sit and fight my son's corner and leave everyone else to their own devices. A somewhat selfish approach. However, that's not my nature, and if I can lend my voice for the greater good of those blighted by ASD, then that's what I would personally prefer to do.Thanks again.