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I guess you are particularly afraid that this dream might be predicting the future, and it does seem that some dreams are precognitive, i.e, they do come true. I also don’t think this dream is symbolic in the sense that some dreams are filled with images that mean something quite different than the objects mean in our waking life. I think this dream is very definitely about your fear of your father and what he might do. Having said all that, dreams that come true are very definitely in the minority, so the most likely thing is that the dream is an image of your fear. That fear reflects what you are afraid your father is capable of, so I guess my gut feeling is that the dream is less likely to be telling you what IS going to happen and to be more a reflection of your very real fear of what COULD happen (sorry about the caps, I can’t do italics). This is clearly deeply distressing for you and very frightening, and in the end you know better than anyone whether you think there is any real danger of someone being seriously harmed. If you do feel that is the case, I think you should treat the dream as a manifestation of your fear and the threats your father has made previously, but still take whatever precaution you can and feel is necessary. Obviously I can’t say the dream is definitely not foretelling the future, but I can say that only a very small percentage of dreams do, and most often what they predict doesn’t come true in exactly the same way, so I can say that if I had to say what I think, I personally don’t think it is foretelling the future. Nonetheless, rather than worrying about the dream, I think you should think seriously about whether you feel you are in any real danger, and address that.________________Dream analysis onlineOnline tarot divinationTarot interpretation