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Hi Sarah, reading you story is identical to mine and many otjhers on here. It certainly sounds like asd to me but i'm no dr. Please push to get your child assessed quicker. The process can take 6 months so have paitience although i understand this will be frustrating for you. Your child will be assessed and your input will be vital, start writing things down when you have breathing space ( i know you wont get much of it but try) and expalin things fromn as young as you can, you will be asked to complete development forms, and they will observe your child over an hour or so, then educational psychologists, speech therapists, special needs teachers plus nursery teachers and any other professional involved with your child will be invited by the Local Education Authority to write reports which will all go to panel ( a meeting that decided what is best for your child) and then a pre statement will be drwn up, if autism is not mentioned ask the lea for your child to see the paediatric autistic consultant to assess your child. ( like i did… in fact ask your gp to refer you) . The final statement will then be drawn up to advise which school can meet your childs needs. If you agree the child begins school and is reviewed every 6 months ( if under 5 yrs old) and every year ( if over 5yrs old). I hope this helps. My msn email is tigersbaby@hotmail.co.uk if any one feels the need toi talk at all. I know a shoulder to cry on is helpful xx ( that is open to all by the way)My name is Jayne Dallimore.