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IThe whole MMR thing started over here in the uk ,because of two greedy men children are dying from diseases that have been eradicated for years. This vaccine theory states that children get autism from being damaged, by some childhood vaccines with traces of mercury in it. If that is the case why are autism cases still rising when thermosal and mercury have been taken out of vaccines for many years, The theory has been disproven multiple times . The lancet who fist published wakefields paper on the MMR very quickly retracted it but it was too late the media has already blew it up.Andrew wakefield was banned from practising in the UK for this scam and is now on the band wagon with looney mccarthy in the USAThe whole debate about it was a hoax from a british scientist whos pal owned the rights to the mmr jab,they claimed that the triple dose had mercury in high levels thats why they introduced the single vaccine,They started the scare to say it would be better to use the single one though has it turned out the single was three times has dear for consumers,The man responsible was arrested and charged.NOt one person has proven otherwise..Then you have celebs spouting about it what rubbish.The theory (that shots cause autism) has been disproven multiple times by the science community The vaccine myth came about because children with autism are more likely to have a bad reaction to the MMR shots than neurotypical children, because the most obvious symptoms tend to present themselves around the time of the vaccine age it is because of that that , people assume that the shot is the cause. There is absolutely no hard evidence linking autism with immunizationsregardless of what is in vaccines it does NOT cause Autism. mercury is many things not just jabs.I urge every parent to get vaccinated.http://briandeer.com/mmr-lancet.htmA must seeI have plenty more on my site if you would like to read it.