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My Daughter was 2 years old, she was developing brilliantly, then one day changed her forever.She woke up fine, no problems at all. We took her to the doctors for her MMR vaccination.Afterwards she went to sleep. She slept for hours and hours.When she woke up she was not answering general questions about animal sounds, she wouldn't aknowlege her own name when we called her.She's now 6 years old, she doent show any affection, she has never told us she loves us, she can't tell us what she wants for Christmas, she doesn't understand her birthday or what it means. She now has a 2 year old sister who is more advanced than her. We are only in our early 20's and have had to learnt parenthood one of the hard ways. There are people worse off than us in the world but we just feel hard done by as we feel our situation was man made. The guilt we live with each day like "what if" what if we didnt take her into that room?Now, whenever we mention it to the GP, or anyone elde who works there. there face just changes and they deny any connection between autism and the MMR. When I look online, it seems the press are afraid of this story. The government and the NHS seem to blush and brush this situation under the carpet whenever its mentioned.Nothing is going to change our minds (on how she became autistic) as we know the truth. All we want is an explanation and an apology. Unfortunately there WILL be people out there who can relate this but your not alone.