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I've recently been looking at local homes supporting adults with a wide spectrum of learning disabilities and have been shocked at the lack of one on one care and activities these homes offer.Also seeing how much the privately run homes charge per week to care for these young adults and how much they pay their staff I found it all quite depressing to say the least.

i have moderate-severe classic autism and mild learning disability,and i have been institutionalized since 18 in institutions and residential homes for people with learning disability with severe challenging behavior [apart from one which was for severe and profound autism],none of them could cope with me and i was being passed around every few months to different homes,i often overheard them saying 'shes a burden on us and the other residents,shes got to go'-they talked about it like i couldnt hear,one home got extra staff in for me so i had them and 2:1 outreach staff from the national autistic society,all of the homes apart from the last one-the autism one were terrible, and not very accessible for my behavioral needs,the staff were all paid very little so they werent the nicest to us,a lot of them are not good english speakers and dont know how to interact or communicate with us,plus you get an awful lot of the waking night staff sleeping on the job and not doing the checks theyre supposed to on me/other people;ive videoed and photographed and reported so many for it. i have come through significant physical,sexual,emotional,sensory and financial abuse from staff,stuff that even shocked some of the staff from the safe guarding team and CSCI/CQC.parents should speak to parents and if possible service users of a home first before even thinking of allowing their child to go their,in my experience all the bad places were council run,private companies are different,im under a not for profit support company now,and because i behave inapropriately around other people when living with them,i have to have my own apartment with constant day and night 1-1 supervision.id always recommend apartments over residential care for autistics,if they can get the right support package in place,i used to be on 2-1 up until january last year so you can get it if needed.in residential care,you cant get the care component of DLA so you are very short of money and cant do anything other than house activities,i used my high rate mobility to pay for a car but it was pretty much a ornament as i couldnt afford to go anywhere.