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Hiya 🙂Your post reminded me of myself. I am 27 male, live with mum and dad still, spend a huge amount of my time on my own, dont really have any proper friends, hate any kind of social gathering. I had to go to a funeral yestarday and it was such hard work for me to have to sit round a table with a group of people for an hour. I didnt say one word the whole time and busied myself by playing with a soup spoon :- I always turn down the chance to go out anywhere socially. If i dont have an actual purpose to be somewhere, then i am completley lost and have no idea what to say or do. I also get very obsessed with things. And that comes in phases. Also patterns and numbers affect me - for expample if i touched the wall with my left hand, i would have to touch it with my right hand too, and for the same amount of time as the left hand had been on it, otherwise i get a fear. I have a thing about doing stuff 4 times as well. If i reached into my bag to get a pencil, i sometimes will have to repeat the action 4 times before i feel relaxed. I have quite a few other symptoms/ behaviour too. Anyway, i have been thinking about it a lot over the last month and last week i did go to see my GP about it. She was very nice and undertanding and took time to talk to me and listen to what i had to say. She said that its very difficult to diagnose autism in adults because its hard to tell what behaviour is autism and what is things we have picked up over the years due to things that happen to us in life. She said to me that i have many autistic symptoms or autistic-like behaviours, but that it wasnt affecting my life enough to do anything about it. I have managed to get through drama school, work as an actor and perform in front of other people, and i get by ok in life for the the most part, so she suggested that i wouldnt gain anything form being properly diagnosed. She said being diagnosed involved lots of meetings with specialists who go over your life in detail and examine your behaviour, and that it takes a long time and they might not even reach a descision in the end anyway. So i agreed with her and havent taken it any further. I am convinced i have some level of high functioning autism, but not bad enough for me to need treatment or help. You sound like you have more problems with it than me, so maye it is worthwhile talking to your doctor. Good luck. Tommie