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Hi Jojo, Sounds like you've been having a battle on your hands! It is often very difficult to get a diagnosis, especially if all the 'tell tail' signs are not obvious, however, well done for pursuing! It's good that you now have a team of professionals working on his needs, however in my opinion, I would assess what both your son wants and what you want.Once you know these things, you can be totally clear of what you want from your local authority and it may be easier to not get lost in all the options... This year will be one of change for your son, therefore it is important that the transition into secondary school starts soon - by that I mean, getting him prepared for the change and how his routine etc will be different from what it is now. By giving your son as much time as possible to get used to the changes, this will hopefully equip him when September comes around. The most important thing is that he is ready for the changes and he has strategies in place to cope if things become difficult. These things can be worked out between the two of you, giving you the control - rather than having to wait on the local authority. Make sure you both have the say in what provisions your son gets, and ensure that the authority works with you all the way.Hope that is a starting point at least - good luck!