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whilst browsing the internet came across this site!I work as an ABA therapist and nanny in the east midlands, ive been teaching ABA for 7 years with various families,and love it! ;D

Where abouts in east midlands are you based. I am in Leicester. My son has just been diagnosed with autism. He is 21 months old and i am hoping to set him off on an ABA programme in april or march time. Im waiting for him dianosis letter that should come soon through the post. Please contact me with your details if you are interested. I will be requiring someone for 9 hrs a weeks (3 days, 3 hrs session each day). I havent decided the days that this will be but i would prefer sun, sat and tues, but this can be discussed later as still not sure of that. I would like to get in touch with you. Feel free to email me on sweetkanwal@hotmail.com and we can talk.Thanks