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My main sensitivity is with taste and the mouth in general I am not particularly fond of eating and there are only a few foods which I actually will even look at. The sound of chewing irritates me and I get pain in the back of my throat like I am about to choke the smell is overwhelmimg.If a child is very sensitive to certain textures such as soft', 'slimy', 'squishy', then he will naturally tend to avoid foods . Each child's sensitivity is different and we need to be aware of types of foods that may be bothersome. New foods must be introduced in extremely small quantities along with a much desired food. For example, if the new food is carrot, and the desired food is a biscuit, tell the child, "Finish carrot, then biscuit". Similarly with other foods also you can use phrases like "one bite, then biscuit", or "eat carrot, then biscuit, . , you can even begin by asking the child to "take one lick" sniff,or "taste once" and then promptly allow him to receive the favoured food. Each time the child tries even the smallest bit of a new food, praise him.Visuals also will work well.Try also serving food cold food looks ,tastes,and smells totally differant when cold.http://autismandaspergersinthefamily.freeforums.org/index.phphttp://autismandaspergersinthefamily.freeforums.org/sensory-issues-f33.html