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There is hardly a stronger emotion than the love a parent feels toward their children. This is a love story of how 2 parents will stop at nothing to protect and nurture their young. Life can throw a curve ball, love can empower one to push through the obstacles. This book reveals how these parents dealt with continuous struggles, road blocks and adversity in the world of special needs, trying to understand and help their twins to reach their highest potential. The challenges they faced in having 2 very different twins, one with autism, the dynamics of trying to help the twins understand each others differences and love each other. They faced endless struggles trying to find the best education and social situations. But the book is uplifting in that they approached all challenges with unlimited determination, humor, strength, tenderness, never once giving up. The dialogue is endearing, easy to read, filled with photos that capture the moments. I loved the book…it's a great family love story.