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Oh yes, I wasn't meaning to suggest the motivations were evil… however the point is that it is an Autistic who has fallen foul of the police even though the actions were not motivated by evil intent.ASBOs are a very worrying thing. My Autistic son (5 years old) is overly familiar with total strangers. On the bus the other day he slipped his hand into a stranger's pocket (it was a crowded bus - usually he is sitting ONLY with us)... totally innocent and thankfully nobody has taken offence yet. The other day I was trying to catch a bus with him, and he put his arms around a stranger's leg... I'm a very attentive parent, but I haven't got enough eyes to prevent everything. I am very worried about my little son, I understand ASBOs can be slapped on a person just on heresay. He really has no notion whatsoever of acceptable behaviour, however, between trying to educate him in this respect and heading the majority of things off at the pass, we are making headway. I am constantly anxious that sooner or later offence will be taken by someone.