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What Causes Autism And Its Spectrum Of Disorders Among Children?There seems to be a lot of speculations as to find What Causes Autism as the symptoms of autism varies from individual to individuals. Some of the affected persons especially kids talk early while others cannot talk at all. Similarly some are found to be highly intelligent while other have some degree of mental disorder.Sir Isaac Newton is believed to be affected by autism which proves these statements are found to be correct. The list of these contradictions goes on. Among many other variations observed here the issue of core deficit seems to be the only common symptom seen in all these autistic individuals seen across the globe.autistic spectrum disordersWhat Causes Autism Spectrum Disorders?In general autism and its other associated disorders occur mainly due to a neurological condition of the individuals. According to one medical school of thought that autism seems to be occurring due to the weakened area of the pathway from the prefrontal cortex to the hippocampus of the human brain.However no one can surely say this is the main cause of the autism which starts in the childhood. According to the medical research the aforesaid weakened pathway is the result of the following core deficits.The core deficits can be seen due to, a comparative though and interpretation, flexibility and adaptability to change, unique and creative thought decisiveness, predictability and the remembrance of the positive feeling of the past events and so on. This list seems to be endless as no one can judge the ability and nature of the human thoughts. These said conditions are the key attributes seems to the some of the best answers to the question on What Causes Autism and its other associated mental disorders.Slower development is quite visible with the autistic kids than in the normal kids. For most of us “What Causes Autism?” a common question often asked. Medical experts say that these autistic children are born with extra chromosome unlike the normal individuals who have 46 chromosomes. In general a child receives 23 chromosomes from each of the parent resulting 46 chromosomes. However an autistic kid receives 47 chromosomes. However this theory is a debatable issue even among the medical experts across the globe.