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hi i am new to this site but am struggling to get my son diagnosed and wondered if anyone could give me any suggestions, My son is 10yrs old and while doing really well at school and in top sets for all subjects he can be a different child at home. he has behaviour outbursts, shouting screaming and throwing things when things dont go right, he is a perfectionist at doing things and will re do things untill he feels they are right. He lacks tact when making comments to or about people. He has no self confidence and often says he is a bad person and wants to die. there are many more traits he has from eating certain foods, cooked in a certain way, only wearing certain clothes because they feel 'funny' to skipping every 5 steps and twirling round when he goes through a door way, I have sought help from professionals but i get told its my fault i am making him a nervous child !! can anyone help many thanks