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Here's my advice Kenny:Change GP, and state that you want to be referred to a clinical psychologist, or psychiatrist and tell your GP that you suspect that you are on the autism spectrum and that it was not picked up when you were a child.If you have any parents or siblings, even other family members that can testify to your social development as a child that will help you, if you have any of your school reports that may also help, what you need to do Kenny is show that this condition that you have was present as a young child.You need inform your GP that when you were a child the general public including teachers had little knowledge of autism, thus if your symptoms were relatively mild the chances are you would not have been selected as a possible autistic person, the spectrum as we know it as per the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) did not recognise the spectrum back then, I'm surprised that your present GP would not know this.Anyway, after you left the education system without a diagnosis there is no reason for it to be indicated elsewhere unless you yourself or someone close to you reaches such an enlightenment and you then seek medical opinion.If you continue to have problems with your GP or find it difficult to source another, I suggest that you go to the Citizens Advice Bureau and seek guidance there...