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Many thanks for your comments.We do not like to restrain him and only have to when absolutley necessary. e.g for his own safety and prevention of self harm and to protect those around him that he will attack.On some occassions the triggers for such outbusts are obvious e.g denying a request for continuous snacking. on other times there is no such obvious triggers. He is non verbal but his ability to understand and communicate is good. Frustration is not the main problem. Anxiety is the main obstical. Just for him to get out of his room every morning and get down stairs takes alot out of him. he will often sit against the door to stop anyone coming in until he is able to face the world on the other side. This could take up an hour.There is good communication between social services, school, education department etc. and there are regular reviews and assessments.Recently we have used rectal Diazapam to help relieve his stress.Has anyone else had similar experiences?Thanks