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A number of adults with autism have problems understanding and satisfying their sexual needs. They may have trouble figuring out appropriate sexual expression, and connecting with another person in a relationship can be difficult. However, since autism is a spectrum disorder with various levels of impairment ranging from mild to severe, the potential sexual expression problems vary greatly.A high functioning person with an autism spectrum disorder may be able to sustain a romantic relationship with a healthy sex life with no issues. Yet, a person with moderate to severe autism may not be able to interact with another person sexually, or sustain a romantic relationship. Another person with autism might engage in sexual behavior as a sensory response without understanding its social context. Additionally, a person with autism may show little interest in sexuality.Romantic Relationships and Adults with AutismMany people with autism spectrum disorders lead healthy sex lives and sustain romantic relationships. Many get married and have children. Intervention is may be necessary for a couple dealing with autism to overcome communication and social skill problems that could potentially undermine a relationship. Couples may also want to participate in support groups for couples dealing with relationship issues. With the right treatment and an understanding partner, a person with autism can find romantic happiness and fulfillment.