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Hi Lucy, My wife is better on this sort of thing than me. I’ll ask her to read your post tomorrow and hopefully post some advice. Can I ask whereabouts in the UK you are? (as she’s bound to ask me) I wouldn’t have thought an LEA could refuse to accept a private diagnosis if it was from a qualified professional but she’ll know more about that.
On a personal note, having been passed from ‘pillar to post’ for nearly a year we had our first son diagnosed privately (took two weeks) and just having that document opened loads of doors and gave us access to a wide array of services/professionals. This enabled us to get our second son diagnosed quickly but without having to resort to a private diagnosis. I would suggest a referral from your GP to a Doctor Richer at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford (he diagnosed our second son) but I’ve a feeling he may have retired. I could be wrong though. Perhaps someone else on here may know? Best of luck. Dave.