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Originally posted by Just Jo
My son is only 12 with Aspergers i find it hard to find information already.

Out of curiosity how was life going from a child to a man.... its
something i think about a lot.

Hi Justjo
Well I'm not saying it's difficult it's only that the problems change, he will always be A/S it's just that things change, instead of lining little cars up as he used to,he now lines up girlfriends,and it's not the lack of, but he's just so vulnerable and he believes everything he hears,and of course like anyone who's "IN LOVE" he won't be told that their using him, so he has lost hundreds of pounds both in money and heartache,and he makes the same mistakes over and over.I think things may be differant for you though, my son wasn't diagnosed till he was thirty, so I've had to