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you really have had a bad experience with TEACCH haven’t you. This must have been very distressing for you and your child.

Obviously you have and are entitled to your opinion on it.

However the parents that I have worked with, and continue to work with, do know their children and if they are say that their child is improving then I feel it would be incredibly ignorant of me to assume I know better.

Indeed you seem to be suggesting that we blindly use TEACCH interventions at the same level for each child regardless, which is definately not the case.

Before it is introduced there is a period of assessment, getting to know the child and importantly, the parents, to determine whether this intervention would be appropriate and practical to use in the home enviroment.

Sometimes it is the case that due to family dynamics etc parents are unable to commit fully to this type of intervention.

I also find it interesting that you argue the fact that there is little research evidence to ‘prove’ that it works whereas, in another posting regarding low salycilates diet, you actually say that ‘parents know what does and doesn’t work’ and that you trust parent experinces more than peer reviewed research’.

Surely if parents can decide on what diet suits their child they are no less able to decide what other interventions work best for them?