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you know what i think we have met before do you enjoy going round forums upsetting people ?? you go there start this topic ramble on for a while then leave ,how dare you tell me i am not doing right by my child my daughter has severe autism and severe learning difficulties she is non verbal ,my job is damn hard enough with out people like you telling me that i am damaging my child my daughter does teacch now ,you know why ? because she was excluded, suspended and in the end taught in the cupboard and excluded from any contact with other pupils until we got an out reach worker Autism specialist(yes she came from the best school in the country ) who assessed her and decided the teacch approach would be the best for my daughter ,and so far its been great no there is no proof teacch works or any proof ABA works either and just because it works for your child doesn’t mean it will work for the rest ,but then my child is already damaged goods because i haven’t put her through 40 hours of ABA a week ,and no i haven’t got the money either i am a full time carer to my two Autistic teenagers i am on benefits and i never get any sleep ,where do you expect me to get the money from a magic wand ?? but that just makes me a bad mom doesn’t it ?,well in your eyes it does and i resent that so much i try my best every single day for my kids i have been knocked out and been black and blue but i still come back and fight for my kids i have been fighting my LEA for a year now for a specialist school placement if you want to scream at some one go scream at them
ABA or teacch which ever any parent uses i respect there views and understand whatever, there doing there best i don’t go around saying this is the way the only way and if you don’t follow my way you are all bad parents with damaged children
i am not a stupid person the FACT is before my daughters school started using the teacch method with her they called her well in not so many words an unteachable animal ,the specialist school where her out reach worker came from do not just offer teaach they offer many alternatives the child is assessed and it is decided which method will be best for each child as an individual
my daughter has a preety face and a terrible problem and teacch is helping her and us ,it helps her to cope with the day and life itself i know many mums and dads that have used either methods some speak highly of teacch some of ABA ,but in the end we are all flailing around in the dark and that includes you !!
I am trying my best and i don’t need people like you telling me other wise but then i am just a bad mum aren’t i