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The point being, there is no PROOF that teacch has had any efficacy for any child. Children are not tracked, measurements are not made public.

Parents are not screaming for teacch, they arent on the web DEMANDING teacch, why not? Who wants it, its a dumping ground for children whose parents havent copped on to the fact that its crap. Poor parents and i dont blame them. Unless a parent has the time money and energy to investigate what is truly right for their child, the teacch schools sit there lying in wait for these poor unsuspecting parents to fill their seats.

Makes me truly ill. If parents asked questions, they wont get answers. there are no answers emanating from mesibov and co cause they know its all a load of rubbish. The autistic adult community needs to get on board with this and start telling the school boards and government what rubbish teacch really is. BUt, we dont have a lot of autistic adults who have gone through the teacch program, and hey, guess what NOBODY LISTENS TO AUTISTIC ADULTS do they???

For those adults who have gone through the teacch program, will they have the ability to make their voices heard or are they out there somewhere consulting their visual schedules and living in residential homes with no access to publicly expressing themselves in a way that can be heard???

Teacch promotes a self fulfilling prophesy, that autism is this “lifelong disabling” condition. Yep, if you send your kid to a teacch school, it certainly will be.

There is no hope with teacch. If you want a robot, and you want your child to “stay” autistic in every way, send them to teacch.

Parents are going to wise up to teacch, dont know when, for many it will be too late.

the government has a responsibility to give our children education. teacch is not education, its “damage control”.