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actually autism is not a “disease” though it does have common concomitant physical maladies that accompany it.

Autism is a neurological “disorder” for lack of better desription, that in my opinion and the opinion of thousands of other parents, is caused by toxicity.

No, i in no way think ABA is a panacea at all. In fact a lot of it is smoke and mirrors and a load of old expensive hooey. Having had had the misfortune of going through no less than 3 consultants during the last 4 years, i know of what i speak.

ABA which is based on behavioural science does have some merit but the question arises when it is put into practice and by whom.

Personally, i realised my child could not learn until we healed his gut and his brain so that he could settle enough to focus and to think.

The nature of ABA in the UK today is appalling. There are people calling themselves consultant when my grandmother knows more about childrearing than these so called experts. This is not to detract from the efficacy of knowing about childhood behaviour but alas, parents do not realise they have a lousy consultant until it is way too late, and their pocket books have been eaten into.

sad state of affairs.

teacch on the other hand is just plain bunkum, and prima facie B.S. Its a money maker, its a scandal and it destroys children. Again, parents do not realise this until it is too late. Also parents who have not chosen other routes for their childrens education are not exactly qualified to know that teacch has no efficacy. A parent who says that their child’s teacch program is “good”, cannot be relied upon to be speaking with any sense of “fact”, only personal opinion.

As it stands, teacch has no scientific basis, no studies and it is absolutely amazing to me that the LEA’s get away with offering this garbage.

Until parents start empowering themselves and thereby empowering their children, children will languish by the wayside and will continue to need institutionalisation and residential care when they grow up.

Dont believe me? Take a chance and enrol your young child in a teacch program for the next 7 years. Thats a chance i would NEVER EVER take.

I know what my child needs and aint no way some pumped up young teacher of teacch is going to tell me different.

Hey, i was taught french and german and spanish for about 9 years in all. Despite learning it in grade school and in university, i am still very far from being fluent. Yet, a special ed teacher can come along and say that s/he knows how to teach my very unique son just because they have a teacch cert and a teaching cert?

yeah right.

Parents take control of your children and really READ what the teacch philosophy is about. Its not about empowering your children or bringing them into society, teacch is about separating them and “celebrating” their difference, their culture!!!! Ha, yeah, in a perfect world maybe? Wait till your child graduates if he or she graduates and tries to cope in real life situations with only teacch training.

I am sorry, but you will be in for a very rude shock.

Its all about the money, and the lousy attitudes that society and the educational establishment have about our kids. The LEA’s and doctors have little hope for our kids so they segregate them into these awful teacch programs to keep them away from real life. We will all be paying a huge huge price in 10 or 20 years when these kids have no coping skills.

It could be your child. If you dont like what i have to say, i am sorry, but thats the truth the way i see it and its based on my own experience and my son’s sorry experience with teacch.

People have to wise up to the fact that the schools dont give a damn and teach is just a means of putting a pretty face on a terrible problem, i.e. no real interest in our children.