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I would certainly agree with you both that parents are not given nearly enough support and information in dealing with the statementing process and selection of schools etc. and that they are often left feeling completely out of control over what is happening.

It is a problem that many of our families have who get bogged down with the procedure, time scales and the jargon involved. Without support to ensure the statement is meaningful and appropriate to their child, end up with vague wording on the statements that don’t ‘tie schools down’ to providing specifcied and quantified support.

As far as TEACCH is concerned I am confident in the fact that the families that myself and my colleagues work with have, more often than not, looked at the different interventions and have made an informed choice about using TEACCH. That is not to say that all families who have a child with ASD in my county opt for this intervention at home it’s just that we only work with those who do want to impliment it.

However from what you have both said it seems as though you assume that any parent deciding to use TEACCH has simply made the WRONG choice and is therefore not doing what is best for their own child.

Whilst I understand that TEACCH is not right for your child and that you have both found an intervention better suited I find your comments about other parents, particularly thinking about the families we work with, quite arrogant and difficult to understand.

However that aside, it is clear that we are never going to agree on the merits or otherwise of TEACCH as an intervention for children and adults with ASD so there seems little point us continuing to try and persuade the other.

I find it interesting though that you assume i have no personal experience of ASD.