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Hi Sarah. I won’t bore you with details but we had very similar experiences with getting a diagnosis for both our son’s. In the end we had to go private as we kept being given future appointments as our son was described as ‘un-examinable’. It is essential that you keep on pushing your gp/speech therapist and any other professionals to see a specialist asap and not wait until September as they are suggesting. With a diagnosis comes additional support for your son and your family and the sooner you can access that the better. Unfortunately services for autism are subject to the same postcode lottery effecting all areas of health/education/social services. If you would like to speak to someone, Carol, who is parent support at Autism Independent will be in the office, mornings next week and can be contacted on 01536 523274. Jayne, who often posts on here, is also a wealth of information and I’m sure will offer whatever support that she can. Best of luck. Dave.