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Originally posted by sarah
Hi my name is Sarah i have a 3year old son called Joe, I took him to see our GP back in february due to his lack of speech got refered to speech thearpy, went there back end of march saw a lovely woman but it was very traumatic for Joe he got very upset when he couldn't do what he wanted to, she was trying to play with him show him books but he just had a tantrum, when it came time to go he got upset he cried all the way home took him a while to calm down. Went back to speech thearpy tried the same again Joe got upset when things changed he loves playing with train anything with wheels when she gave him a train to play with he was very content but when she asked him to put it away he got upset he throw the train he didn't want to put it away, A t the end of the session she told me he might have ASD and that she would refer him to one of her collegues a speacialist speech thearpist at the hospital. When i got home i went to see my mum joes nana to collect his brother and sister who are 7 and 4 told my mum what the speech thearpist had said, my mum then said she had often thought that too i on the other hand has never even considered that, we then search the internet to got some info, lots of things that joe does points to ADS but i never noticed looking back on things that have happened. When he was little he always wanted me he wouldn't even go to his dad and my parents were invisible to joseph he didn't even acknowledge them my mum told me how upsetting this wwas for her, but he did that to everyone i just thought he was clingy. In situations where there is a lot going on he doesn't seem able to cope last year his brother and sister went out for tea so me and his dad took him out for tea to brewster bears where there is an indoor play area we took him in and he didn't know what to do he just cried and carried on for what seemed like the whole time we were in there even though he had been there before to a birth day party and he got on alright i did know what to do we had to bring him out and go home since then we rarely go to these places. He dosen't like new shoes he wont try them in the shop i have to try them when we get home then he gets upset he is alright the next day it takes him a while to get used to it, when i put him a coat or jacket or anything with a zip or buttons he has to have it fastened right up or he cries he doesn't like shorts or t-shirts with short sleeves he tries to pull them down to cover himself up. When it comes to playing games with Joe it is vert difficult he love thomas the tank engine and trains but he has to put them on the table or window cil where he can see them properly he doesn't drive them around the floor he lines them up and if any other child his brother os sister or counsins who he sees regular tries to play with oone or moves them he has a tantrum and he doesn't want to play he likes to play on his own, he sometimes plays with me but if we are playing with a dolls house he eventually gets bored with that then pretends it is a train or goes back to his trains, his trains get his undivided attention. Going out for walks is a nightmare if we are in the park its not too bad but on roads he will not hold hands and runs off but he has no sense of danger i know that he would run into the road he doesn't wait when icall his name he can get quite far away and i have to run after him so it is quite stressful and he wont wear rains or arm strap if i try to pt these on him he has a tantrum and i have to carry him which isn't easy he is big for his age so more times than not he goes in the buggy. There are other things too but i feel i have probably gone on too long as it is, as yet he has not been diagnosed with an ASD going back to the hospital next week, I was told by the speacilaist speech thearpist that an assement would take place when he starts nursery in september so they can see him in different environments and how he reacts but nobody has given me any advice on how to deal with certain situations, i just don't know what to and just needed to write this down. I dont know if he is has ASD but with the question been raised i can't stop thinking about it just woundered if anyone has had similar experiences and can give some advice i would be very gratful