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Hi John


I “didnt wait” with my daughter. I pushed for assessments and referrals every step of the way (I dont think anyone understands what a mine field and how full of red tape special needs is), i frequently wondered if i was a neurotic mother out to prove her daughter had autism. I worried that the clinicians couldnt see what i saw. 3 times i have been told my daughter is not on the spectrum and only 10 weeks ago her psychiatrist told me not only does she not have autism – she showed no signs.

RUBBISH – i was staggered. I’d given the clinicians pages of odd behaiour that worried me!! So i demanded an ADOS test (autistic diagnostic observational schedule test). Last week the same psychiatrist told me – not only does my dgtr have autism, she has it quite severely!

My daughter is 10.5, and i first thought she had autism when she was 18 months old. So our journey has taken 9 years – quite staggering really!!

Dont wait – if the clinicians are unsure but you’re not – then you need to push for answers (to protect your own santity) and to be able to put into practice proven intervention strategies in order to help your son.

Best wishes- hope all goes well!!

(PS – (to all)- i haven’t posted on this site for a while – does anyone know why the site has been “hi-jacked” by people posting utter rubbish – or nothing to do with autism??)