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Hey Scarletrose1984,

I met a guy, a friend of a friend, who was a diagnosed schizophrenic (not suggesting that this is your brother’s condition, by the way, that’s just a label, anyway), and he used to hear voices in his head. However, as he stressed to me “they always say NICE things”.

He is a funny, thoughtful, gentle guy, and might be worth your brother chatting to, if you’re interested. He used to get quite frustrated with people trying to convince him he was a nutter, and was absolutely delighted when I suggested that he mimic his clinicians, having told them that’s what he was going to do!

‘Mail me if you’d like me to get his number for you. Always good to talk to someone who can actually share your experience, I find.

Best regards



Originally posted by scarletrose1984
My brother is 15 and has been diagnosed with autism since he was 6, he was also diagnosed with epilepsy a year or so ago with which he has been given some medication which has improved his behaviour but recently we have discovered that he has been having voices in his head (Devils as he calls them) that tell him 'bad things' to do or to say, luckily he has never done anything these 'Devils' has suggested but we are now worried that he may have a form of psychosis as well. Im not sure whether anyone has had the same experiences with there own children or anyone they know, but if you have I would be very gratefull for any input on the matter.