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hi clare[:)]
where the other forum then so far i only had your reply!i cut last nite for some reason duno wat?i feel like one family member has given up on me just because she doesn’t understand my condition at all and that hurts and causes me a great deal of pain to know that to there is nothing anyone can actually do for me to cure this or make it better reality hurts more than people actually know with the real world waiting out there somewhere but we will never have it i’ve had C.B.T cognitive behavioural therapy aswell that normally works with A.S adolescents but didn’t wid me i feel hopeless a failure and like i’m letting my family down but doing things that i shouldn’t that a ‘normal’ adolescent wouldn’t think about like my temper tantrums/outbursts i just grateful even though i don’t know you that well to have you here THANK YOU for replying to my email i send you regularly [:D]how your son anyway?how does he cope and deal with his?and hows long has he been diagnosed with A.S? and where you get him diagnosed?what was the circumstances of getting him diagnosed? how did you react to the news he was never going to be ‘normal’ again? as i’m just wondering what my parents and family must go through and have been through?i just want to feel ‘normal’ and not so different all the time[:(] if you understand where i come from on that one!lol have a good weekend love from kirstyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx