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Hi Kirsty,
Sorry if things are not too good for you at the moment. I have only just read your message, I went to my cousins wedding yesterday afternoon so was not around.
I did put the address of that forum on my email to you,I have been looking for you on that forum there are lots of people with AS and it really helps to chat to one another to help each other try to understand how the other half feel. I have found it so useful everyone is lovely, understanding, supportive and knowledgable about AS and many other things.
As parents it can be tough for us to try and truly understand your world, my son gets very annoyed and frustrated with me at times. You see as parents we love our children so much and above all else want them to be happy, it is so frustrating when as a parent you can not make your child happy and it breaks your heart. Your family love you very much but it must be so hard for them to see you so down, maybe they feel they have failed you. Try to focus on what you enjoy and get pleasure from and above all else talk about your feelings, as I said before I am happy to listen but can not promise you any answers.
My son was diagnosed only in January this year, he has always been very shy and anxious, but last year started talking about taking his own life (he’s 11) I was horrified, terrified and blamed myself for not recognising his behaviours getting worse and his anxiety at a high level. We did do CBT at the hospital but like you it didn’t work. In fact he was so uncomfortable attending the appointments that I went on my own and had to take work back for him to complete. In part it was the not working of the CBT that made them think he maybe AS, so maybe it just does not work for you guys and to tell you the truth I am not keen on it either !!!! LOL

Kirsty, please would you answer the following questions for me :-

1. Did you get my email with the forum address on it ?

2. If you did, were you able to get logged on ?

3. Would it be possible for you to send me an email when you put a post on this forum? (I don’t always check daily but most days I check my emails five or six times)

Well, take care my dear and I really hope you have a nice weekend. Don’t do anything damaging to yourself, you are my new friend and its good to talk.[:)]
Clare x