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Hi i am a little confused, doesnt take me much, but have i put something wrong in my post?? please let me know,

WE are finding it difficult as cafs wont give a diagnosis at all for our son,
Our son is 6, he doesnt know how to behave in an appropriate way when shopping, coming home from school, at home, how to get ready in the morning, etc etc, the list goes on!

Trying to ask my son why he swears, or lashes out, would certianly get me know where, i may as well ask the cat outside!
He doesnt see anything wrong as far as i can see.

He is more than two years behind at school and now has a statement, for the whole of the curriculum, even toileting. He will be starting Physio sessions after half term for 6 weeks, he has Occupational sessions, and we help him where we can at home.

We as far as we can see have done everything in our power to help him.

We also have a daughter, now not wishing to sound like i am comparing, but she isnt quite 2 1/2 , she is fully toilet trained, Which our son isnt yet. She can count quite easily to 20, she makes her toast (With supervision ofcourse), gets herself dressed, undressed, makes choices etc etc,
Anthony wouldnt know how to make a desicion, if i put out two sets of clothes he would probably put both on!

Anyway to get back to the point lol, i am a little confused about the last two posts, so please explain, i am in the wrong!

Thanks illy

There is always tomorrow!