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Hi well i never raise my voice when trying to help my son with anything
Neither me or my husband hit, smack, and nether of us swear in any way!
It is hard to comminicate with ,my son, allthough he has speech, but if he has a way of doing it and i try to explain or show him some easier way, he will blow up at me.
And like Jayne said it is black or white to these children.
He takes everything very literlly, and when he has his things lined up, then no one is allowed anywhere near!
My husband is very laid back, i think int he years we have been together, 13 – 14, he has only shouted twice, and one of them was a totally different situation, that even a Preist would have got angry, and at that time we didnt have Anthony.

His older brother is usually in his room, so he doesnt see much of him,
My daughter who is 2 is full of cuddles and love and kisses and we always respond to this with the same back,
So i cant see where he has learnt this from!

When my son is angry trying to tackle it makes the situation worse, he goes into a complete meltdown, and this can last for hours,
I have had to go out, to get away from it as it is also very sad to see.
I hope this shows that we are loving caring parents, and that he must have something to behave in the way he does

There is always tomorrow!