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Hi Janice, I don’t think you’ll find your post is removed. There’s no hidden agenda here. It’s an open forum and everybody is entitled to their own opinion and what works for one child may well be inapropriate for another. As parents we know of lots of children who have followed various programs such as Lovas, sunrise, higashi etc. with widely varying degrees of success. However, that is not to say that any one of these approaches are superior to the other. It is also very hard to ‘scientifically’ assess success. Do you gauge it on exam results, test results, number of words spoken or what?? The only ‘scientific’ approach we use is do we feel our children are progressing and are they happy. It seems to be as accurate a gauge as any of the others and is the same ‘gauge’ we use for our ‘normal’ child.
I think TEACCH is predominantly used because economically one coherent, UK wide, strategy needs to be adopted for the majority. It is a ‘cradle to grave’ strategy which seems to be beneficial in the majority of children/adults. Whilst it would be ideal for everybody to access whichever program is felt to have the most benefits for their individual child, sadly this is often not economically viable.
I don’t feel that anybody is ‘making huge amounts of money at the expense of our children’s lives’. There are much easier ways to make money than working with our children.
I hope you find the ‘best’ for your son as indeed I hope everybody does. As parents I always feel that your thoughts are always should I have done this, should I have done that, what if … You always feel you should have done better but I have no intention of beating myself up for the rest of my life, I’ve got my children to look after… Dave.