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Well, in some ways that may be an advantage to you.

The LEA is now bound by law to provide an education for your son and the hours required are also governed by law. If they have no SEN/emergency placement they must provide a teaching system at home.

I would definitely make use of the NAS education advisors now, and make sure the statement is produced and worded correctly, also make it clear what you want in terms of a placement for his schooling, it does sound as if a special needs setting is the only way forward, the LEA MUST provide you with details of SEN provision in your area and if there is no suitable placement they will have to provide an out of county placement,this obviously they will not want to do as the costs are very high.

You will find these 2 sites useful :



If you want the full SEN Code of practice phone this number and order your free copy:

You can order from the publication centre: telephone 0845 6022260 or email dcsf@prolog.uk.com, quoting the DCSF reference number DCSF 581/2001
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