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Hello Proud Mum,

It sounds as if your LEA may be dragging its feet a bit here.
I would strongly suggest that you join the National Autistic Society and make use of their Education Advisory Service.They will appoint an advisor for you to help with all aspects of the statementing,legal and tribunal system, even support in court if need be.

Your LEA has a legal duty to provide an education for your son and there is a strict time scale for the statementing process.

These links will help you with the education aspect and also in finding local support for you and your family.






Parents are often blamed for their childs behaviour when it is in fact a condition that is the cause of the problem and it is a sad fact that many people are just not prepared to take a few seconds to consider why a child may be behaving in this fashion, in your sons case it is probably his way of reacting to the stress of the classroom which he cannot cope with.
Overload of sensory input is a big problem for many autistic people, this combined with not understanding all that is going on around them is going to cause these reactions.

Once a statement is issued it may be that starting a school placement needs to be for just a few hours a week and build up attendance over time,in fact this approach shuld be written in to the statement.

My son was out of school for a year and now attends a special needs boarding school on a weekly basis, he started on 1.5 days a week and built up over a 6 month period to full time weekly boarding,he had never stayed away from home before and has adapted to this huge change very well.

The only blood test I can think of is a check for FragileX syndrome which is presented in a small number of cases of autism ,part of the statementing process is usually dealt with by a consultant pediatrician who may ask for this test, you can ask them about it if you wish.

Finally, take a look at http://www.jkp.com for a list of books and publications (many are also on the NAS site) relating to Aspergers Syndrome and Special Needs Education, once you have the titles and ISDN numbers you can always ask your library to obtain books for you.

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