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Hi, S.L. Davis. My name is Lucretia and I am sorry to read of your lack of support from (as I like to call them) The ‘SS’, my own son has been treated as a floating file by them for most of his life yet they were all over us during my devource. Sadly I have found that no matter where you go and who you’re told told to see, they never have the answers or help you need and yet they seem to be helping everyone else around you. The irony being that most of the parents I’ve met have all stated that thay get no constructive help, just a list of long words and a lot of suggestions that ‘might’ help! (Sorry, bit of a sore subject.) Anyway, all I can say is like the poor kitten in that poster -keep hanging on- it’s all any of us can really do.
Take care and keep going forward, you have your beautiful daughter and that is what truly counts. I know my life would have been so much poorer without my son, this is what keeps me banging my head against all those walls that refuse to listen even when I’d really like to sit down and quit.